Emotions (LAPC #131)

This week, Patti gives us the opportunity to focus on Emotions.


As a child, I had a very complicated relationship with ID photos – whether they had to be done at the photo shop or in a Photomaton® booth. I think my face says it all.


That poor diving board, beaten by the winter winds, seems so isolated and useless, waiting for high tide and summer days… I feel you!


Cousins together, enjoying a perfect summer day in the South of France. I’ve always loved the energy portrayed in this candid shot.


This elegant lady, dressed in her lovely vintage swimsuit, ready to do her morning laps in the Hyde Park Serpentine had caught my eye that day. She was a creature from another time, casually ignoring the world around her. She was all grace and delicacy.

10 thoughts on “Emotions (LAPC #131)

  1. Love how you laid this one out V – it has a real sense of nostalgia. I especially liked your elegant lady from another era – you’re so right on that! Thanks for joining our challenge, hope to see lots more of you.

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  2. These are marvelous images, VO. The girls, your portrait as a child, the elegant bather, the empty diving board. It’s really a great photo essay. The images all work so well together to tell a story. Wonderful!!

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