New blog, first challenge : vive la vie en rose!

Last spring, I wrote a guest post about the colour pink, trying to dissect my relationship with this girly colour. But for today’s photo challenge, all I really want is to pour some sweetness and energy all over this page. “Pink isn’t just a color it’s an Attitude too” (said Miley Cyrus… never thought I would quote her one day!!).

I’ve currently used 83% of the free 3GB media content on my well loved and fed first blog Les French Chronicles, I thought it’s time I prepared for the transition towards a new platform. This blog will host my entries to all my favourite photo challenges to start with.

(I’ll work on improving the site in the coming weeks, but in the meantime… )

Welcome to Pompom & Confetti!

CMMC – January Color – Pink

Trying to focus on important things in 2021, even if they ware far away.
My new wool jumper, bought this week
Working on a new technique during the first lockdown
My everlasting passion for food.
My 2020 favourite photo

4 thoughts on “New blog, first challenge : vive la vie en rose!

  1. I feel honored that you joined in my challenge, Wonderful pinks for this week 😀
    Save your photos around 500 kb or less. That is usually 1000×1000 pixels. That’s what I do. The photos are perfect for blogging and small enough not to take up a lot of memory.

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